San Fang Xiang. is a young and energiable company. And steady growing in high speed because gets good opportunity of national information industry vigorous prosperous, and we invite sincerely domestic and foreign customers and traders will come to make investment and to initiate an enterprise, develop with us together.

San Fang Xiang adheres the talent concept of ‘Talent is the foundation for enterprise, enterprise is the boat for talent’ and we work for creating a working environment of harmonious, happy, fill with rich inspiration, passion for employee and offer a big stage on which employee can fully display talent and realization of self value. We are practicing the human resource strategy of preferred talent, support talent and training talent and encourage talent and respect with great efforts. We are creating the environment and opportunity for every staff shows his talent and realizes his self-value by creating continuously personal developing opportunity. We carry out multivariate encourage policy on mechanism according to achievement (salary, bonus, welfare, honor, training and promotion etc. ) Really accomplish reserves person by enterprise, reserve person with culture, reserve person with treatment, reserve person with environment, reserve person with mechanism.

The spirit of Sang Fang Xiang of " make vigorous efforts to get prosperity, will be outstanding " is the soul of company's corporate culture, we initiate the working attitude of keeps improving degree, working style of hard pragmatic and group team spirit of harmonious and unification. In San Fang XiangGroup, you will experience full of vigor and solidarity upward working atmosphere, you can see respect trade and persevering and keeping improve staff and you will also appreciate the successful resplendence and glory that created by yourself.
The success of San Fang Xiang needs each employee to create, and Safangxiang's resplendence will be share together with every employee! Believe that selected SanFangXiang Group, you have selected to succeed!

Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Group Co., Ltd.
Addres:  No.1 Sanfangxiang Road, Zhouzhuang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province
Postal code: 214423